# 565 - BEST OF - Power Eating

Guest: Dr. Susan Kleiner

Eating for strength is a science.

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0 # WorkInProgress 2010-08-29 14:21
I have to agree, the idea behind the carb recommendations concern me. I am going to pick up the Power Eating 3rd Edition soon and I am looking forward to seeing what has changed.
The book is a great idea and has good info, just take it with a grain of salt (and more fat).
+2 # Aftershock 2010-08-23 06:17
I've got the ebook and to be honest theres far to much emphasis on carbs in this book up to 70% of calories. Even to go as far as to suggest the way to lose fat is to restrict the fats in your diet.

The author also refers back to the dreaded food pyramid.

The recommendations don't fair to badly if your actively trying to built tissue but over dependence on carbs, and the insulin they release, will certainly lead to muscle loss while trying to loose fat.

Maybe the author should have a word with Dr. Di Pasquale.

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