# 527 - BEST OF - The Circle Of Death: The Truth About GMO

Guest: Howard Vlieger

You can't even identify what is and what is not GMO produce any longer. Lobbyist for Big Ag saw to that. What does eating GMO really do to your body? Nothing you want to know about.

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+1 # nick 2010-07-11 22:50
I'm wondering about the supplements out there that are labeled "greens supplements" that have all these green fruits & veggies, along with the "red supplements" that have all the berries and other fruit extracts. would that make these supplements GMO and ineffective or are extracts not exactly the same thing? it's definitely a good question. my second question is on the show you mentioned about if organic had any type of GMO and i think he forgot to answer. yes theres no pesticide on the outside, but what about the seed/inside of the fruit? is all organic non-gmo (as of right now) ? what a mess out there! great show

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