# 501 - BEST OF: The Interview That Started It All - Dr. DiPasquale Discusses Carbohydrates

Guest: Dr. Mauro DiPasquale

When this interview originally aired it caused a LOT of controversy. No carbohydrates in your post-workout nutrition extends the anabolic window.

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0 # Sean Drew 2010-05-31 01:48
Great interview! I love reading Dr. DiPasquale's Books and listening to him in a interview is radio gold. Plus I hope the person's comment before mine realizes Dr. DiPasquale recommends no carbs after a workout but having just protein and fats. Carbs is a non essential nutrient but can be used to utilize the most anabolic hormone insulin which is why I recommend reading the anabolic solution for bodybuilders written by you know who.
Also - keep it coming Carl!!
+1 # Sebastian 2010-05-23 05:02
I really wish there was more discussion into the benefits of Carbohydrates around workouts..

The ISSN exercise & nutrition review ( was published not too long ago in February. It's the most conservative review possible, and it recommends a seemingly outrageous amount of carbs.

Also, I'd love to hear more from Dr. Scott Connelly, and similar doctors! (previous relevant interview:

Keep up the good work!

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