# 499 Obesity, Diabetes And Testosterone - The Chicken And The Egg

Guest: Dr. Sandeep Dhindsa

Does obesity cause insulin resistance? Does low testosterone cause obesity? Which comes first? You'll have to listen to find out. Dr. Dhindsa mentioned as a side note that over one third of men under 35 tested are clinically hypogonadal - low testosterone levels.

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0 # Mr Burns 2010-05-23 10:39
....Maybe orange juice does not trigger carbohydrate inflammation because of its vitamin c content?
+1 # Joel 2010-05-18 18:59
Excellent show Carl. I agree with Dr Dhindsa. This idea that too much estrogen is causing low Testosterone... personally I feel is indeed a flawed picture.

This is some mechanical, other biological defect. It is probably little to do with estrogen.

If estrogen were that important, there would be zero suppression with non-aromatizing steroids.

And unlike GH, which may factors have a profound influence, Testosterone tends to be entirely framed around LH, and estrogen.

For the first time I'm having my levels checked in about a week. I suspect most of the time, my T is very low.

What Carl said, "completely avoidable" > diabetes yes. low T no.

a good nights sleep and a low carb diet ain't gonna do anything for this group if there's some underlying biological difference.

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