# 498 - The Spread Of Infections While In The Hospital PLUS Raw Food Update

Guest: (1st half hour) Betsy McCaughy and Dr. Michael Smith (2nd half hour) Randy Roach

Former Lt. Governor of New York - McCaughy's is the Chairperson of an organization that is monitoring and spreading the word about the rampant transmission of life-threatening infections patients catch while in a hospital. Randy Roach answered listener questions about raw-food-eating do's and don'ts.

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0 # Joel 2010-05-20 17:05
I've been following the raw eating thing with Randy and others on the show for a while, I had raw chicken breast last night for the first time and again tonight.

Before chicken i had tried beef for while which is quite easy to eat and lambs liver which is extremely difficult to eat, because it's so pungent with that blood/hemoglobi n taste, it's very very difficult to eat raw liver.

Raw eggs though I've been doing for quite a while and are a staple of mine.

Re the conversation on the show, I prepared this in a marinade. And it's actually really nice.

As I understand it, this is 'cooking' to a degree, the chicken starts to go white on the outside , it's being chemically changed, but yes you're not going to get the undesirable bi-products you would through heating (which I read can alert the immune system and so on), perhaps there is less of a biological overhead in the body processing it.

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