# 496 - Inadequate Sleep Linked to Early Death AND What To Do About It

Guest: Paul Becker

Over 55 million adults suffer from impaired sleep. Numerous studies have linked poor sleep to insulin resistance, specific cancers and many of the diseases associate with metabolic syndrome including obesity. We discuss this and a potential remedy.

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+1 # MEbigUsmall 2010-05-16 17:35
I want to try one of these things.
+1 # Richard Roundtree 2010-05-16 12:51
The magnet does seem a little like voodoo. I use a zeo alarm clock to give me info about my sleep quality/quantit y. Also, an hour before bed I turn off the tv and computer, and I put on amber-lensed saftey glasses (they block the light that inhibits melatonin production). Works for me.

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