# 494 - Rapamycin As A Longevity Drug

Gust: Dr. Mikhail Blagoskkonny

Rapamycin may represent the the first "longevity and anti-aging drug" that will be marketed by the Pharmaceutical Industry. When you listen to the interview you'll realize that it may reduce the occurrences of ALL the chronic diseases that are ravaging our population while extending life up to 30%.

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0 # mewletter 2010-05-12 12:15
Google a bit about this substance and found the price range could be anywhere from USD$20 to $37 for a 4mg dose... Kind of pricey I think. :-|
+1 # Kagigi 2010-05-11 21:29
Wow rapamycin sounds interesting as long as the minor sides can be controlled.

Thanks for the info...I'm watching this one.

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