# 484 - Supplement Industry Discussion

Guest: Brian Andrews and Eric Broser

Various topics related to the supplement industry including industry self-testing, dangerous supplements, legislature, athletes and much more.

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-1 # Eric 2010-04-30 12:10
Really enjoyed this show, checked out the youtube videos. It's always interesting to see an inside look at how a company runs. Of course we have had customers come thru our factory on occasion which makes everyone act different, it's always the same when the boss walks thru with customers. Still I have my first bottle of kre-alkalyn on order. I am trying to get back into creatine and I hope it works without all the bloat.
0 # Sean 2010-04-30 08:44
Great Show on AAEFX. It's great to see a supplement organization with that sort of transparency. Curious, what do you think of their Nitric Oxide Products- Nytric EFX (PRO). I know you former supplement expert, Mr. David Barr, said that NO products were nothing but a myth and kind of curious on your thoughts with this product. Thanks for your time
0 # Sean 2010-04-30 08:40
Great Show. Love it and glad to see how transparent AAEFX is as an organization. Curious, what do you think about AAEFX's Nytric EFX (PRO)product- their Nitric Oxide product? I know previous shows that you've had with Mr. David Barr, your former supplement expert said that nitric oxide (NO) products were a supplement myth. Just wondering your thoughts on this supplement are exactly
+1 # Robyn 2010-04-28 12:02
Great informative interview. It's awesome to learn that there are those out there that can build their success in an all "natural" way. Go Team EFX and Eric Broser!!! BTW-They have the best supplements for men and woman!!!
+1 # Cathy 2010-04-27 22:10
Fantastic Interview - These guys know their stuff and represent an awesome company! Looking forward to more interviews about upcoming products from AAEFX.

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