# 476 - Sergey Litvinov's Contribution To Strength & Conditioning

Guest: Dan John

Litvinov was an Olympic Hammer Thrower who at five feet ten inches and196 pounds helped change the sport. His strength and unique style of training has influenced many. Coach John took Litvinov's unique style of training and expanded upon it.

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0 # Charlie P 2010-04-20 11:03
Great Episode! I'm definitely going to try this workout later this week, and also check out Dan's book. I just wanted to say that Dan's comments about the transition time between complex movements being "interesting," and his short discussion on proper posture sound uncannily like material from the martial art which I am currently learning. [How can you expect to control someone else's body if you can't control your own?] The main difference that I see is that the martial art training continually pushes the boundary which a person's brain feels comfortable with, whereas training for an Olympic sport does not necessitate this. That's why I believe Dan says reaching this point is "interesting," but decides not to pursue further. I will refrain from plugging my teacher's books here without Carl's permission, but I just wanted to mention the similarities, albeit from a different training perspective. Thank you for such a thought provoking segment!

-Charlie Pasquariello

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