# 475 - Supplements Worth Spending Money On

Guest: Matt Cahill

Cahill discusses a short list of supplement that he feels are worthy of your hard earned dollars regardless if your goals are purely athletic or general health.

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+1 # adam beller 2012-11-02 05:20
cvs has a great multi called ultimate man. also, vitaman shoppe carries a great multi for the active male called ultra sport. It contains over 1000 percent of everything u need. especially b6 and b12. it even has boron which boosts free test if taken for 10days straight at a 9mg a day dose. This will boost free test by 12 percent and total test by 7 percent. not bad for a cheap supplement. I got 200 pills of boron for 13 bucks at m.
0 # cogrick2 2010-09-30 18:14
I think omega-3 fatty acids was mentioned in this episode. Omega-3s may be more dangerous than we have been encouraged to believe:
-2 # DJ Floppy D 2010-04-21 15:20
I drink a half a bottle of Berry flavored Redline(125mg of caffeine) before each workout. It doesn't make me jittery, but I feel more focused. I do believe drinks like Monster, Throttle, Ball Hair and other masculine named energy drinks are a joke.
0 # yyyttt 2010-04-18 14:05
Its amazing the amount of people who still believe Tribulus helps their bodybuilding, perhaps thats because so many companies still sell this for boosting Testosterone.

I dont remember what you said about Beta Alanine in the show, but its frankly useless for bb/strength, and comes into its own soley for aerobic work and sport.

Glad creatine was at number 1, it really is one of the few great supplements, although I disagree with a notion thats wafted around that loading isnt worth it. Loading level doses (20gm over day for some days) have very specific and intense effects that 3-5 gm a day just simply doesnt have in my long experience, and that youre not going to get there the slow route.
0 # Jerry 2010-04-16 15:09
I was surprised by the information on beta alanine. Fundamentally it makes a lot of sense though.
0 # Matt Cahill 2010-04-15 18:57
This is something I couldn't definitely talk about. I don't know if it's what everyone would want to hear but I've certainly got a view point.
0 # Carl Lanore 2010-04-15 14:43
Quoting Eric:
Was surprised that no multivitamin was listed. That is usually a pretty common staple. Glad to see a supplement guy come on board to discuss these things.

I almost feel that MOST multi's are worthless because they don't have near enough of the important vitamins and mineral. I personally take seperate forms of calcium, magnesium, D3, E, C comprehensive B100 formula, an zinc. May have missed one or two... and of course 50mgs of pregnenolone and 25mgs of DHEA a day....
0 # Eric 2010-04-15 10:12
Was surprised that no multivitamin was listed. That is usually a pretty common staple. Glad to see a supplement guy come on board to discuss these things.
0 # Carl Lanore 2010-04-14 16:54
Please feel free to email your supplement questions to onair(at)superh and I'll have Matt Cahill back on to answer them.

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