#463 - The Mike Mentzer Files

Guest: Paul Becker

Mentzer made great contributions to physical culture and exercise training through the introduction of his Heavy Duty protocol. Becker knew Mentzer personally and trained with him once. he gives us a peak into the man.

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+1 # Scott Tavener 2011-03-12 15:18
I would love to hear more about Mentzer. Heavy duty was my best ever training routine. I put on 30lbs training this way and was at my best training twice a week for 45 minutes tops.

Heavy Duty has it's critics but I believe the reason it doesn't work for everyone is this. People use the same intensity from their current volume routine and put the same effort into Heavy Duty. This won't cut it. It has to be all out training intensity to work which most people just don't do properly. If you can train like a beast it works big time!
0 # Scott Tavener 2011-03-12 15:10
I would love to hear more about Mike on another show. When I found out about Heavy Duty I couldn't get enough of it. I ended up 30lbs bigger when I used Heavy Duty properly.

Mike Mentzer was one of the great thinkers of the sport. I know a lot of people say Heavy Duty doesn't work when they try it but I honestly believe that the reason is that they simply don't train hard enough. Mike was a beast in the gym. Most apply their volume style intensity from their current workout to HD training and it just won't work that way. It's called Heavy Duty for a need to train like an animal to get the best out of it or it will fall short.

I was at my heaviest and all time best while just training twice a week and for 45 minutes a session. It works!
0 # Daron Marshall 2010-10-13 09:18
Thank you so much for this episode. As a strong advocate and trainee of Heavy Duty and HIT, I am glad to know other people are help to spread the word about Mike Mentzer and his teachings. Great JOB!!!

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