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# 431 BEST OF - The Cholesterol Myth

Guest: Sally Fallon

The Pharmaceutical Agenda dictates that cholesterol levels are indicative of cardiovascular risk and longevity. Are they telling us the truth??

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0 # Ted 2012-03-09 23:39
High Cholesterol is a sign of some other problem in the body, usually inflammation. Inflammation in the coronary arteries is the cause of heart disease. Cholesterol is the body's response to damage being caused by that inflammation. The cholesterol is coming to try to repair damage caused by the inflammation. The cholesterol can become trapped in the inflamed area and oxidized, causing the plaque the eventually becomes brittle and breaks through the artery wall causing that blood clot that blocks the artery or travels to the brain causing a stroke. Statins are dangerous drugs that stop your liver from producing cholesterol which is the body's only means of repairing arterial damage. Statins are the cash cow of the drug industry and they don't care what they do to you as long as they're getting the money for them.

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